Goods Elevator

ELLY Goods Elevator, make full use of computer advanced control technology, the mature stand elevator AC speed VP control system and VVVF control system, simple structure, convenient in maintenance, signal transmission, operation control to achieve a qualitative leap, making the system more stable and reliable, noise, lower running smoother, more accurate flat layer to be an easy job to import more goods. In addition to ELLY Goods Elevator control system can provide microprocessors, high speed capability and interface provides a guarantee to meet the special needs of customer. ELLY Goods Elevator, to optimize the design of the car is economical and practical, spacious and bright, the transportation is convenient, stable operation, large carrying capacity and other excellent qualities. In factories, warehouses, shopping malls, shopping centers, libraries and other different uses and the environment, can meet the demand of customers, is the best transportation tools.


Large tonnage goods elevator

Super carrying, convenient and comfortable

Always carry out the design concept of strong, high quality, combines the mature and reliable traction technology and microcomputer control technology, adopts different capsules size and high strength material with special solid design of the car chassis, can deliver goods of different tonnage, carrying capacity is strong, can adapt to different building transportation environment. The highest load can be up to 10 tons.

Sturdy And Durable

Made of high strength material capsules, carry many kinds of goods.

Flat layers accurately

Flat layer can be controlled in millimeter level accuracy range

Open the door wide

Using multiple folding structure of capsules, maximum open width, is advantageous for the mass goods free access.

Light curtain protection

As a light curtain protection barrier at the entrance of the elevator, for any access to its sensitive detect within the scope of the objects can be made Response, and effectively protect cargo security.